What is Obsessively Human?

We can tell you what it’s not: messages blasted to a mass group of people, without trust and relevance between medium, message and audience. It’s not assuming more impressions means deeper impressions. It’s not suggesting that national brands cannot make a deep, local impact in every neighborhood across the country.

It is: thinking about out-of-home differently. It’s knowing that where the message comes from involves knowledge, trust and ownership. It’s obsessing that every message, ad and spot is made genuine from the consumer’s own involvement. It’s a process that takes, above all, reverence. And trying to communicate with your audience, in ways that are truly genuine to their lives and cities, is obsessively human.

Nothing makes humans engage with the world around them like relevance.

RedPost networks are geared for a consumer’s world around them: art galleries, coffee shops, public meetings, small boutiques, the next train.

And relevance means trust. Trust to stop and look and see what is happening in their communities. And for advertisers of all sizes, that trust means the difference between a few realized impressions, and millions of them.